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Winter drink black tea is the most appropriate
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Winter drink black tea is the most appropriate
Chinese medicine believes that drinking tea four seasons should not be the same. Is to be based on the sexual taste a variety of teas, tea drink in different seasons adapt.
Black tea can warm stomach, Stasis, can help digestion, tea drinking sweet warm in the cold winter is the most appropriate. Green tea taste bitter winter drink is likely to cause stomach cold, may also affect the appetite. Summers are hot, drink green tea just to whichever of bitter cold, refreshing and soothing, thirst.
Many people like to drink tea after a meal in the lavish meals, this is also bad for your health. Lot of tannic acid in the tea will generate tannic acid protein and protein binding, this substance has the functions, the intestinal motility, thus prolonging the residence time of food residues in the gut, causing dry stool. So, after a meal is best not to drink tea.

Tea, there are two opposite effects
Tea also has the role of both refreshing and meditatively, refreshing effect can clear the brain flexible, the repose role has suppressed tranquilizing effect. The same tea, but it can lead to two such opposite effect, what reason is it?
Tea just soaked about 3 minutes, most of the tea*dous caffeine had dissolved into the tea. When the tea has a refreshing effect on people excited. Later, the tannic acid in tea gradually dissolved into tea, offset caffeine*dous role, not easy people have obvious physical excitement.
So the role of the tea has two sides. Some people dare evening tea is the drink could not sleep because of fear. In fact, as long as the start brewing tea about 3 minutes drained, adjourned to the boiling water for drinking, refreshing effect would not be so obvious.
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