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Wolfberry natured, sweet, with Bushenyijing, Yin a
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Wolfberry natured, sweet, with Bushenyijing, Yin and blood, Liver eyesight, the efficacy of the lungs and cough, contain many health care drug wolfberry. The wolfberry contains amino acids, alkaloids, betaine, Physalis red pigment, and a variety of vitamins, it also contains a variety of linoleic acid.
Give you a piece of advice: can am drinking green tea, appetizers, refreshing; afternoon brewing wolfberry can improve physical fitness, conducive to sleep.

Winter drink black tea is the most appropriate
Chinese medicine believes that drinking tea four seasons should not be the same. Is to be based on the sexual taste a variety of teas, tea drink in different seasons adapt.
Black tea can warm stomach, Stasis, can help digestion, tea drinking sweet warm in the cold winter is the most appropriate. Green tea taste bitter winter drink is likely to cause stomach cold, may also affect the appetite. Summers are hot, drink green tea just to whichever of bitter cold, refreshing and soothing, thirst.
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