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Tohoku University School of Medicine in Japan
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Tohoku University School of Medicine in Japan, doctors have a four-year study of 6,000 women over the age of 40, found that women suffering from stroke (stroke) drink at least five cups of tea a day the possibility only what drink half less, this is the first study of the tea prevent stroke effects a direct relationship.
Has the magical power of the protective effect of tea on the brain cells. Tea can slow down brain degeneration; able to reduce the risk of stroke; helps maintain the health of the blood vessels, including the brain; brain cells can prevent lipid peroxidation, and lipid peroxidation first step in the destruction of brain cells . The latest research shows that tea can help improve memory and prevent Alzheimer*dous disease, people hope that this outcome may provide clues to early senile dementia of the new method to study treatment.
Tea, cholesterol lowering blood pressure
According to the British Medical Journal reported, the study shows that of the 137 40-year-old Japanese male, the lowest of tea most men of blood cholesterol and triglycerides, good cholesterol / bad cholesterol ratio ideal. Also found that the lower the fat content of the tea growing number of men wherein the oxidized or dangerous type. According to reports published in Hong Kong, the Asian Medical News, University of Hong Kong Pharmacology Dr. Jager found that, the tea total blood cholesterol levels can be reduced by 25%.
One investigation of the relationship between tea drinking and incidence of hypertension in men over the age of 30 found that non-tea incidence rate of 10.55%, 6.95% often tea, tea does have certain antihypertensive effect.
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