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Subsidiary of Japan Toho University School of Medi
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Subsidiary of Japan*dous Toho University School of Medicine Bridge Hospital in Matsushima, experiment with 50 mice a day, so that the mice drank tap water containing chemical substances can cause bladder cancer, after five consecutive weeks, the mice were suffering from a bladder cancer. Since then, they have to let some mice drinking tea (concentration and drink the same), another part of the drink ordinary tap water and observed for 40 weeks, mice results drink tap water average tumor volume of 195 mm3, tea water only 7 cubic meter mm approximately 1/28 of the former.
Australia and China, researchers found through experiments, drinking green tea every day women, the incidence of ovarian cancer than other women decreased by nearly 60%.
Japan Research Center report, 8,552 people a tea prospective study, after 10 years of observation, drink 10 cups of green tea a day (150 ml per cup), the incidence of cancer than a daily cup of tea decreased less than 3 cups.
A study completed by the China Preventive Academy of Sciences Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene confirmed, the tea chemicals due to esophageal cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer has a good preventive effect.
The latest U.S. study found that tea can prevent skin cancer ... are increasingly more similar reports.
Modern scientific research that the anticancer effects of tea polyphenols, mainly due to its contained catechin (polyphenol a), Table Yung the catechin orange formate (EGCG, tea prime ingredients) . Their anticancer mechanism: (1) inhibition of gene mutations; ② inhibit cancer cell proliferation; ③ induced apoptosis of cancer cells; ④ prevent cancer cell metastasis.
Tea can reduce the heart, brain disease
Harvard Medical School researchers follow-up survey of 1900 heart patients over the age of 60 found average weekly tea more than 14 cups patients, after a heart attack about three and a half years time the risk of death, 44% lower than the patients who did not drink tea. Dutch researchers found that the elderly with the possibility of fatal heart disease can be reduced by half tea (2 cups) a day.
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