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Amaranth: the Liver Dingchuan the efficacy
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Amaranth: the Liver Dingchuan the efficacy, but it amaranth prime makes no asthma drink produce hardship sense. Yang Chrysanthemum: particularly neuroleptic aid digestion after a meal and at bedtime drink most suitable, the best tea for insomnia patients. Ocean daisy because sex is cool, bitter, so the best time to drink with a few pieces of rock sugar.

Calendula: You can reduce menstrual pain, stimulate the secretion of bile to break down fat, while topical is good fungicide.

Violet: the ability to protect the bronchi, particularly suitable for smoking excessive drinking, in addition to the treatment of constipation.

Rosemary: eliminate flatulence, stimulate the nervous system functioning, improve the efficacy of the phenomenon of memory decline. Addition can also promote blood circulation of the scalp, improve hair loss, reduce dandruff.

Bodhi: help digestion, relieve nervous tension and anxiety, hypolipidemic function for postprandial bedtime drink.
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